Friday, January 8, 2010

Show us your live-New years resolutions

This year I told myself that I wanted to do the weekly show us your life post that Kelly over at does. I know most of you already read her blog but if not shoot on over there, She is A great Mom,Wife and Christian women who inspires many.Here are some pictures of 2009 ENJOY!!!This weeks show us your life topic is "New Years resolutions" I have been holding out on sharing them with you for this. I hope this year we can all manage to keep ours, Cant wait to read yours, LEAVE THEM IN A BLOG COMMENT !!!!
  1. I am going to spend more time with God and hold myself more accountable for my every day walk. This past year I fell in love with God deeper than I ever have before. I found A church that I loved and was so moved. Then I got so discouraged about some things, and Nick and I stopped attending church. Right when something went wrong and I should have looked to the Lord for guidance I did the totally opposite. So That is the MAIN thing I would like to do this year is to get back on the right path and get back to where I was before and grow more from there
  2. This is EVERYONE'S resolution this year, Its such A cliche. I really am going to get healthy this year,and loose some pounds. Since high school I think we are all A little more plump then we use to be. I have just come to A point where I want to be healthy and know that I am going to be OK in the long run. I know that if I don't take care of myself now then I am going to be miserable when I am older. This one has been really hard for me,I had to give up texting.... I know this sounds crazy but Nick and I were really spending A LOT of money on texting for the both of us. So we decided to cancel our texting and instead we are spending the money on A gym membership and working out together. Nick and I have also started eating more healthy and just overall making better choices. I am determined to make this happen this year.
  3. I know all of us get SO caught up in our everyday life and what isn't going right. I am SO guilty of this and have ALWAYS been A kind of person that complains about everything.Now that I am getting older and have been around some people like that I have realized it is SO ridiculous. I am going to be more positive and inspire other people to do the same.This past year through Nick, I have really come to realize not to sweat the small stuff. I am so thankful for the people in my life and that I along with my husband are here and ALIVE. I am now constantly saying to myself when I find myself in A situation that is not what I would like it to be that "IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE" .
  4. This is kind of A silly one but in the long run I will appreciate it. I am so guilty of going to sleep with my makeup still on, A million mascara covered pillow cases later....I am going to wash my makeup off every night and practice proper skin care.
  5. On a day to day basis I get so caught up with things that I forget about who I am. I am always so worried about weather or not Nick has done his treatments, ate properly,rested enough etc. etc, That I forget I am his wife. This year I am going to enjoy being his wife and friend and not his care taker. I want to look back when we are old and know that I was A good wife and was there for my husband.

Nick and I went to Sunny Shores Sea Camp and had the most life changing experience and met some of the most AMAZING people

Nick and I at dinner at campAll the girls at The Southern Womens ShowNick and I are expecting our first nephew,WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!Nick and I on our vacation to Ft. LauderdaleNick and I at our First Gator GameOur Team "Walking for Nick" At the 2009 Great Strides walkNick and I at our Friend Matt and Cassey's weddingThe Jags game of courseAt the Nickelback concert, That was SO amazing, Thanks Mom and Matt


Carrie said...

Girl, you are such an inspiration! Please know that we all struggle with the same daily issues you do (getting caught up in the not so important things and going to bed with makeup on AND dropping weight). Best of luck with your resolutions.

Johnston Girl said...

Love your blog and your pictures! I saw that you guys do a walk, please be sure to let me know when you do it again, I love being a part of those!