Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simply Sunday

My gorgeous little sister and I She is only 12 and look...She is taller than me!!!
SillyHey everyone, I hope yall had A great weekend. Today was so nice, I actually had A day off. Nick and I decided to take A break from the gym today as we were A little sore. Nick and I actually slept until 11:30 which is kinda crazy since I normally cannot sleep past 9:30.Maybe it had something to do with the cold,It was 19 degrees this morning. I haven't seen my brother and sister in A while so I decided to head on over to Callahan for the day.My little brother wasn't there, But I have to confess it was kinda nice. I am always so consumed with Cameron and Mackenzie being little miss.popular that she is, I never get time with just her.So Mackenzie and I spent the day playing with makeup and I did her hair.Not only is she extremely smart,witty and beautiful but she is TALLER than me. I couldn't believe it, She is only 12 years old and almost A whole inch taller than me.While I was there my Dad showed me some pictures of Cameron, Mackenzie and I when we were younger and I wanted to cry. Time goes by so fast and I guess I never stopped and realized how they are becoming there own people and forming there own opinions ( Maybe to0 many opinions). I just wish that I could go back to when they were big enough to drag around on my hip and take care of them like I use to. Unfortunately before I know it Mackenzie will be going to prom and have her own little things going on I am exited to be there for her but nervous as well. I just know I always wanted A big sister when I was her age and I Hope I am that "Cool big sister" to her. While we were out in Callahan on our way home we stopped by Nicks sisters house to check on her and Chuck. Courtney has A Dr. appointment tomorrow to find out if she is dilated and if so it looks like they will be inducing her. She is SO ready to pop any day now and I am so overly excited. Her due date was suppose to be January 21st, Do you think she will make it?
I hope you all have A great week,It is what you make it.

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Carrie said...

Your little so cute! She does not even look 12. Could be all that good makeup and hair (: