Sunday, January 24, 2010

Almost Here

My sister in law Courtney and I And of course the playoff game was on....Chuck and CourtneyParents to beCourtney with Gram and her Mom BettyCourtney and her sister Meagan Courtney,Meagan and IYes,She was having A contractionChucks grandparents which Courtney and Chuck were really close to, therefore they wanted to have them there for the special dayLooking at the contractions on the screenMommy to beThis evening my sister in law Courtney and her husband made there way to the hospital. Courtney is 3 days past her due date and therefor she will be induced tomorrow morning. They had Courtney admitted tonight to give her the cerva gel and prepare her to be induced bright and early tomorrow. In the past 2 weeks she has only dilated 1 cm so not A whole lot going on. After getting off of work this evening we made our way up to the hospital to visit for A little while. When we were there Courtney had some contractions but were very random and not very strong. Courtney and Chuck both seemed VERY nervous and excited as this is there first born. Please keep Courtney and Chuck in your prayers throughout the night and as well as tomorrow. Courtney is "Planning" on A natural delivery without any meds. So she will most defiantly need our prayers. I am just so excited and cant wait to see baby Traces face and what he looks like. Anyways I hope everyone had A great weekend!! Enjoy the pics

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