Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aunt Amanda and Uncle Nick

Trace Colton Mc Cracken
7lbs 12 oz, 21 inches long born @11:09Rolling Courtney back for her C-SectionGetting her readyCourtney and Chuck with Dr. GarciaCourtney and her handsome Dr.Chuck and his Mom SandraAfter the epidural, Courtney on the phone and playing cards with GramChuck doing A word search... and WAITINGCourtney and ITrace was laying all on one side..Mommy and Daddy to beChuck Comforting CourtneyI think she was having A contractionNick and I were racing to see who could finish the word search first... we were soo bored and ready to see Trace Nap timeThis is going to be A long blog so prepare yourself...The past two days have been pretty crazy,emotional,fun and exciting. Nick and I are now A aunt And Uncle and are So excited. It was A rough ride for Courtney and Chuck but baby Trace is FINALLY here. Courtney was in labor for 26 hours and finally had to have A C-Section yesterday. Trace was born at 11:09 and weighed 7lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long. Sunday night Courtney went in and they applied cerva gel in hopes to thin her cervix. Monday morning at 8:45 they broke her water and began the platocin. Every 20 minutes they uped the dose and the contractions became stronger. Courtney wanted to have a natural pregnancy with no epidural but finally she gave in after being in much discomfort.Once she got the epidural she was fine and happy as can be playing cards and enjoying every ones company. The Dr talked to Courtney about A c section around 8 Monday night and Courtney and Chuck decided they did not want one and would wait it out. So they waited and waited and waited the Dr. said we would have A baby by 12:00 Tuesday morning... 12:00 rolled around and still no baby... By 2:00 everyone decided to head home and let Courtney rest... We were all pretty tired too. At 7:00 Tuesday morning I got A call from Chuck saying that Courtney was finally 9 cm dilated and that they would begin pushing soon. Then dropped her dose of platocin to lower the contractions to let her rest so she would have energy to push. Then Courtney started to run A fever and her pulse began to drop as well as the baby's so the put her on oxygen. Soon after they decided to do A C-section. At 11:09 she had Trace Mc Cracken, but was not able to hold or see him for very long. Since Trace was in the birth canal for so long and was tired and A little stressed out he was not able to respond like he should to stimulation. When the Dr would touch him he had no reflex. They were slightly concerned so Trace was in the nicu. Finally at 9:00 last night Courtney got to hold her baby. This morning the Dr. came in and gave the clear that everything is great he is healthy and all is well. Courtney is good spirits as well as Chuck and are very happy. While Courtney was in labor I got A call that my best friend Brittney was on her way to the hospital, She also was in labor..Courtney and Brittney were two rooms apart and in labor.. It was A very eventful night as I was back in forth between rooms. Brittney had A healthy baby boy named Trace Everett Pringle and was 8lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long.... What A blessing these little babies are..

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