Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Late Christmas

My little brother Cameron and I Christmas 2009A kid at heart, Had A blast jumping on the trampoline Nick can jump SO high its crazyMackenzie,Cameron and I feeding the rabbitsMy Dad and I Christmas afternoonMy little sister Mackenzie and I Nick and I Christmas morning~ No makeup AHHHMr. and Mrs.Nick and his GramMr. And Mrs. I cannot believe I didn't blog about Christmas yet... I'm so ashamed!!! I hope everyone had A GREAT Christmas and spent it with the ones you love the most. This Christmas was so extra special to me. I think this year has been pretty rough for everyone,We have all felt the pinch in one way or another. I love it though, It brings us back to the basics of what Christmas is all about. For me it has always been and forever will be about my family,and for that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL. In the back of my head this Christmas all I could think about was Whats to come for Nick and I this year. I thought to myself and was so excited to think that next Christmas my husband might have NEW LUNGS!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! I still get giddy and amazed to think that they will be able to take lungs from another thoughtful donor and give my husband the gift of LIFE, That we all take for granted. We had A good time this Christmas between both families it was nice. It was A little hard due to the fact I didn't get to see my mom this year for Thanksgiving nor Christmas. Usually I can handle it but we have had a pretty rough year this year with the loss of some that we love. It makes for A bittersweet holiday season. Here are some pictures from Christmas and I have lots of new stuff coming up for the new year. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Have A great week yall !! XOXO ALWAYS Amanda

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