Thursday, November 26, 2009


kenzie and I feeding her bunnie
Cameron Mackenzie and IFamily pictureYummy TurkeyNicks FamilyNick and INick getting ready to inject the turkey YUMMYOur baby JagSo today has been A SUPER busy day,I am gonna be honest I am A little to tired to write A whole lot soooo...... here are some pics from today and what I have been grateful for this year.Happy Thanksgiving everyone Love yall

  • My family of course,They are all A little crazy but I love them more than the world
  • My AMAZING husband and how patient he is with me
  • Grace
  • A JOB,that one has been A little crazy this year
  • That my husband has the opportunity to receive new lungs,HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!
  • The EXCELLENT support group that we have from our friends and family
  • The real housewives of OC ..... LMAO
  • The AMAZING team of Doctors and Nicks nurse who go above and beyond
  • My good health
  • Our dog Jag
  • That I got to spend Thanksgiving with the ones I love
  • All of you who read my blog and keep me going.....

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