Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bargains and Babys

Walmart issued a press release proving that they are committed to helping families during these tough times.This is A pretty great deal,For only $20 Walmart is offering the following:
One 12 pound grade A turkey
  • Three 11-15 oz cans of Green giant veggies
  • Two 14 oz cans of Ocean spray cranberry sauce
  • Three 6 oz boxes of stove top stuffing
  • One 5 pound bag of red potatoes
  • One 12 oz package of Sara lee dinner rolls
  • One 12 oz pumpkin roll cake
    Now through Thanksgiving,They are selling grade A turkeys for only $.40 A pound. What A great deal.

On another note I got some GREAT news today,My very best friend Becka and her husband Josh are expecting another little one.I am super excited and will be praying for A healthy and safe pregnancy.

Nicks sister Courtney and her husband Chuck are also expecting their first baby on the 28th of January. ONLY 69 MORE DAYS!!!! They are having A little boy and naming him Trace Colton, I love the name. We will be going tomorrow to set up her baby registry which is exciting as well. Here are some pics of her baby bump as it continues to grow.
Nick continues to feel better and looks forward to hitting the Gym and getting fit.WE kinda had A lazy day today with football and the Jags pulled off A great win.Hope everyone has A great week.XOXO Always Amanda

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