Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fabulous Finds

Hey Hey, I hope every one is having A GREAT weekend.This weekend has been busy and kinda hectic.I will blog more about that later. I am going to be starting something new called "Fabulous Finds". I know If you ladies are anything like I am you love to hear about great products.Feel free to let me know if you have any you would like to share as well.... ENJOY!!!

About A month ago I went on A trip with my friend Becka and me being the forgetful one that I am forgot my body wash. Thankfully Becka had some and I absolutely Loved IT. Its Oil Of Olay spa exfoliating body wash. I have not smelled the other kind but this one smells so refreshing and leaves your skin feeling lovely.....It is 6.97 at walmart,That's A little pricey for body wash for me...But it is WAY WORTH IT and last A while....

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