Monday, November 30, 2009

Nice and Toasty

This weekend was busy and CRAZY!!!! I had the pleasure to work on BLACK FRIDAY this past weekend....It was NUTS!!!! There were women coming through my line that had been shopping for 13 hours. There is NO WAY that I could go shopping for 13 hours.Anyways, I had Saturday off and I'm telling ya I needed it. I went with Nicks sister and my brother in law to watch the 3d sonogram again. We went last weekend but little Trace was being stubborn and had his hand over his face. So the people at had Courtney come back, they were determined on us getting A good look at his face. So we went back Saturday and I am SO glad we did. I CANNOT believe how real it is and how beautiful it is to be able to see the baby inside the womb. It was soooo neat, I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is preggo to check it out and try it. Saturday night I had my little brother Cameron over to stay the night. We had A bonfire and just hung out. It was a pretty chilly night so it was nice and toasty around the fire.Nick is feeling A little better, He is having some issues with his lower back. We were concerned that it might have been his kidneys so he went to the Dr. today just to be safe. Thankfully they were pretty sure it was not his kidneys. I am thinking he might have pulled A muscle while working out. He has had pretty high spirits but has his bad days as we are all entitled to that. I know if I had to go through half of what he is going through I would have more than A bad day, how about A bad month....Both Nick and I just always try to remember that it could ALWAYS be worse, no matter what situation you are in. I hope everyone is having A good week. Enjoy the pics!! XOXO Always

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