Friday, December 4, 2009

For A good cause

Nicks and his AMAZING nurse RonnieNicks her faviorite....Did I say that?Greg,Barry and Nick....Kicking Cf in the buttWhen Nick was in the hospital A couple of weeks ago his lovely nurse Ronnie came in and gave us some good news. Somebody,She wouldn't tell us who bought tickets for Nick and I to go to this years third annual silent auction. All of the money from the silent auction goes towards the adult cystic fibrosis office that Nick goes to.We were pretty excited about it since we got to go last year and had A BLAST... Its fun to get all dressed up and go and visit with all of Nicks old nurses from Wolfsons and his nurses now.They really are like family to us and we are truly blessed to have A team like them. While we were there we met two GREAT guys and I had the pleasure of meeting another CF wife,Which is so nice.We met Greg and Barry,Both in their 50s and kicking CF'S butt. Greg actually had A double lung transplant back in 1997. He is doing VERY well and looked great. It was nice to talk to someone who was 12 years strong after their transplant. Nick and I had A good time,it was at the Cummer art museum downtown. They raised TONS of money for such a good cause, Its so nice to see. Nick and I have A busy weekend ahead of us...Tomorrow we are going with Nicks sister Courtney and her husband Chuck for pics. She is taking some maternity pics and Nick and I need A Christmas card pic. The weather is SO gross out so I have No idea where we are going to go now.We shall see.... Tomorrow night we have the Christmas parade hopefully that will help me get in the Christmas spirit...Hope everyone has A GREAT weekend!!!! XOXO Always

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