Saturday, November 14, 2009

Up and Up

Today has been A GREAT DAY!!!! Nick slept in pretty late this morning but woke up in such A great mood. Gosh was it A reminder of how much I love this man. He NEVER stops amazing me and reassuring me that we are together for A reason.He just has the most positive attitude and determination.Nick is starting to feel like him self again,Acting goofy trying to make me laugh and much more active than this past week.The IVS he is on are such A pain in the butt,The one antibiotic meripenum(Not sure if I spelled that right) he has to change every 8 hours so sleep is often interrupted.His appetite is getting better,His mom and I actually went to town today and picked up some of his favorite food from A restaurant in town.I made him his favorite black bottom cupcakes. So things are definitely looking on the up and up. On another note,I came Across this blog I would love for you to check out.I came across this blog through another CF wife and boy am I glad I did.Its about another young man with CF. Just like Nick,His numbers slowly started going down. Him along with his wife decided to get listed on the transplant list and AMAZINGLY,He got "The Call" two weeks later. In October 9th it made A month that Joseph got his lungs and things are looking great. His story truly is amazing and has really encouraged Nick and I considering the news we just got. So head on over there and check out his Once again I cant tell you all how thankful we are to have you behind us. Thanks so much
XOXO Always Amanda

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