Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Is it wrong to say that I am not in the blogging mood at all lately? There is just so much going on, I know that is always my excuse but really. I have not really had the best of luck lately and have kinda been loathing in self pity... Sad I know. Before I continue please excuse the rambling but this is really bugging me here lately. I am really starting to question why everyone in this world seems so darn negative all the time. It is very rare that you come across someone who is genuinely A good person and has good intentions and actually thinks their actions through.I wish people would really just slow down and realize that when you act A certain way not only are there consequences that you suffer(May not be right away but at one point or another KARMA is gonna nip you right in the but) but your actions also effect other people. I feel like people who are miserable with themselves do everything in their power do drag everyone else down as well including COMPLETE STRANGERS.I have slowly learned this over the years with every action there is A reaction...I myself have forgotten this at one point and when you forget you get A HUGE reminder. Anyways I guess I just wish people were more Kind and Happy,I wish this world was A better place. The way people are now it scares me to think that one day I will bring children into the crazy world...On another not there is one very sweet lady I know who is extremely positive and quite refreshing to talk to.I have known Brittany for quite A while now and and so happy that she has decided to begin her own photography business. Her style of photography is very different,playful and refreshing just like her. I wish her nothing but the best in the beginning of A new chapter in her life.Please take the time to go check out her website and show some love....I hope everyone has A great week and remember to SMILE....BE HAPPY


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Mrs. Bell said...

thanks girl, i have had a VERY negative person in my life for a few years now, and they are no longer a friend and i feel so much better, i dont understand why ppl focus on the negatives SO MUCH!