Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday

Cameron and Mackenzie
Little Talbot Island Mr.Ben giving Cameron some advice

BeautifulCameron The kids One of the starfish we found... Mackenzie and I reeled our fish in at the same time... My sister ROCKS!!!!She caught more fish than all of us.... Cameron, Kenzie and I with our 56 fish What A great day it is today!!! OK so I know today is wordless Wednesday in the blogger world,but I have been slacking big time on blogging. I would say have been extremely busy with work and this and that but I would SO be lying. So I am not going to do that, I have not been blogging due to the ridiculous slump of self pity I have been in. I know its crazy, With me loosing my job I feel like I have been forced to accept A job that I absolutely hate. Yes I know how ungrateful of me, ITS A JOB RIGHT!!! Well right when I got use to the fact that nothing was coming my way at this point and started to actually maybe sorta like the new job, The one I wanted came along....WOOT WOOT I start tomorrow and I am really excited. Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging. It makes me appreciate the small town atmosphere that Nick and live in. People are so kind,encouraging,loving and supportive. I LOVE IT!!!! Since I have had Major down time on my hands I have kinda been doing A little bit of everything. I have gotten tons of comments on how much I have been cooking/baking lately which is really funny because if you know me you know that I hate to cook only because I didn't know how. Since I have had this down time I have really made A effort and I think I found A new love, COOKING!!!! Last week I got the pleasure of going fishing with A friend of mine who is as lovely as ever and very patient I must say. My brother,Sister and I got to go fishing with Mr.Ben out at little Talbot Island and had quite the time. We caught 56 fix mostly whiting and Cameron was so excited because he caught A little baby shark. It was really neat while we were out there we saw star fish which I have never before got to experience. We also saw A bunch of dolphins it was SO nice to spend that time with my brother and sister.We were extremely tired after A long day of fishing but it was well worth it. I am really looking forward to doing it again.Nick is now off of his IVs as of yesterday and we have A Dr. appointment Friday so I am very excited to see if his numbers are up. I know I have said it again and again how much I love Nick.... It seems like every time he goes on IVS it is A reminder of how much I love this man that I have married. He is so optimistic and is A HUGE reminder of what I should be thankful for.I wish that everyone had the opportunity to be around someone like Nick who has the most amazing outlook on life ever. It really reminds you that what you are going through is really minimal and I love it. I hope everyone is having A great week.

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