Sunday, July 26, 2009


  • Nick is feeling better and eating lots more,We will see tomorrow if his blood sugar went up.
  • Days like today where Nick and I did absolutely nothing but love each other and enjoy relaxing together
  • A Job,It defiantly isn't the job that I wanted but ITS A JOB and it will keep us from having to use funds from our "NEW HOUSE" account until I can find A better job.
  • My dog Jag who loves me unconditionally, I always thought my Mom was crazy for loving her dog the way I now love mine.... I cant imagine what having A child will be like
  • My Devotional book....Things have been rough lately and on the days where I was down the most I always found something inspiring in that book....

Have A great week...

~Smile and know that you are in control of what you feel,how you feel and how you act~

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Marie said...

Hello Amanda and Nick I find your webblog at Robert Schwarzman webblog. Congratulation to your anniversary. I hope you both doing good. I´m Marie , i have cf too. I live in Sweden.
take care /Marie