Sunday, July 5, 2009


Getting Hot
Everyone digging in
Oysters YUMMY
Nicks Grandma,Sister and I Courtney and I
Me and My love
Nick and our Furry baby Jag

Courtney and Gram
Courtney And ChuckRelaxing in the poolMy Mother in law BettyJag was terrified of the fireworks My Haley Bug I hope everyone had A great fourth of July, I know we did.Every year for the Fourth of July Nick and I usually pack A picnic. We drive down town and to avoid crowds head to the top of Baptist Hospital. It is such A nice view of the fireworks from the landing.This year because of Nicks brothers birthday we decided to have A Fourth of July part/Birthday party.Early yesterday morning Nick and I started cooking the ribs.Instead of standing over A hot grill all day we decided to try something different.We took our ribs and put them in A crock pot with BBQ sauce,Vinegar and water. Then we let them cook all day,They were absolutely DELISH.Later on that afternoon we also had Oysters Which are not really for me. I have never tried A oyster I could never get past the look of the oyster.Nick begged me and so I figured I would try it, And it actually doesn't taste like anything. When I started to look at it though I got freaked out and couldn't eat any more of it. We stayed in the pool most of the day and just relaxed,It was so nice. I made A birthday cake for Tyler and it was nothing short of heaven.It was A butter pecan cake with home made cream cheese frosting... YUMMO On another note, I have been kinda stressing out about Nick. Since we got back from camp Nick has been doing all of his meds and treatments religiously,Which has been so nice. I am so happy that I don't have to fight that fight right now with him.I am kinda concerned because he is not sounding too good. He was suppose to have A Dr.Appointment right when we got back from camp,He was so tired that he called and cancelled his appointment in order to get some rest.Good excuse right??? Not.Since then he has not yet to call and make another Dr.Appointment so I am gonna have to call tomorrow and make it for him.He is defiantly in need of A tune up. Here are some pics from this weekend,Enjoy and have A great week!! XOXO ALWAYS

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