Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am just asking that everyone keep Nick and I in your prayers. About A hour and A half ago I was walking out the door to go to A friends house. As soon as I walked out the door I hear Nick Scream " It is happening again". A year ago Nick had A picc line to get his IV antibiotics. He accidentally flushed air into his line and it caused him to loose complete function of his body and fall to the ground. The symptoms were from him flushing the air into his line. So today he was standing there at the counter and yelled out "Its happening again" and I ran back inside and he was ripping his Iv out of the pump that he is on. Nick was having that same feeling of loosing function in his body. So we called rescue but by the time they came out here,Since Nick ripped the Iv out of the pump the feeling wore off. They came out here and checked his vitals and his vitals were ok or at least as good as they could be after the situation. His BP was A little high but that is expected. So now Nick refuses to hook back up to his pump and IVS. So I am kind of frustrated in one way because I know he really needs these IVS but in the same aspect there is now way I would be hooking back up to the same pump. So I called his nurse and they are going to bring out A new pump for him.He is OK now,We are just frustrated because we don't know why this happened or what caused it. Yeah Nick had the same symptoms as the last time with the air in his line. The machine he is on beeps whenever there is air in the line so we are not sure how air would have gotten in the line. Anyways, Just keep us in your prayers.Please keep Nick on your prayer list daily, I know most of you already do.I worry so much about Nick because he is home A majority of the day by his self and I can only imagine if something like this happened when no one is home. Please pray for A peace of mind and my sanity ... HAHA On another note, I want to send out A big THANK YOU to all the new walkers to join our "Walking for Nick" team. It means so much to Nick and I to see everyone supporting Nick and walking to support the cure for CF. Thanks A bunch!!!! I hope everyone has A great week. XOXO Always


Anonymous said...

You both are def in my prayers. Love ya.

~Andrea~ said...

Praying for you both and hoping Nick is doing better!

CFlover said...

Holy moly!!
I am so sorry!!
You guys are in my prayers.

It will be the pics off your blog of you & nick or just nick.

Graciy said...

I am so happy everything turned out okay! J has never had to use a pump out side the hospital since we have been married instead its these little orb thingys.

I am so happy I found your blog! for the longest time you didnt show up on my blog list and i was super worried because I thought you erased your blog. now I see you just changed the address. Its very good to see that you two are doing okay minus the air bubbles