Sunday, March 22, 2009


This week was kinda crazy!!! Things are going well with work other than all my babies having runny noses and driving me crazy.Nick is doing about as good as he is going to do while on IVS. This is the first time Nick has been on four IV meds at one time. It is so not fun for me and I am positive for him. He is hooked up to A pump 22 hours A day and then does his other 3 Ivs in the morning and night for about an hour at A time. He is also on 2 inhaled antibiotics to fight off infection.We are doing lots of air clearance and I made homemade mac and cheese today with LOTS of cheese to hopefully put those pounds back on. Nick is such A energetic person, he just cant stay still. I wish sometimes he would just relax and let his body rest.Nick wouldn't have it any other way though. Yesterday I had A Bridal shower to go to . Some friends of ours Matt and Cassey are getting married soon and we got to visit with them some. Then last night Nick and I went and did some shopping for summer clothes. That is one thing I am greatful for is that my husband LOVES TO SHOP. I think he loves it more than me sometimes.Nick and I are taking a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale next month for my mothers birthday. We are SO excited about that!!! In A way I am glad that Nick is on IVS right now, They make him feel a lot better. With us taking this trip next month they always seem to take A lot out of Nick. I am glad I wont have to worry about him getting sick when we go down there. On Another note, I found out Friday that my Great Grandfather passed away. My Grandpa Jack was more like my Grandfather being he was more of A father figure to my Mother. I have SO many great memories with him. When I was little we use to go over there and I would always help him bake A fresh loaf of bread. He was always such A great cook.From the time I was about 5 or 6 he would send me A homemade gingerbread house EVERY YEAR up until I was about 16. Then his hands were too shaky to do it any more. I am so happy that right before Nick andI got married Nick and I took the trip up to lady lake Fl to see him . While we were there my Grandpa Jack gave me the cast iron molds in which he made my gingerbread house every year. They mean so much to me and are so special. I am so thankful to have those.My Grandfathers passing has been really hard on me for more than one reason. As I have gotten older it has been harder and harder for me to find the time to make that simple call and just chat. My Grandfather was always A very entertaining person to talk to even at that age of 85. Being as busy as I always I am just lacked A little in the keeping in touch department. I am so regretful now that he has passed. Yes he knew that I loved him and cared for him but I just regret not staying in touch. It was really sad for me because my Grandfather was never A religious person and therefore I am not sure where my grandfathers soul rest.That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to pray on A DAILY basis for your loved ones. Talk to them and know where they stand in their relationship with the Lord. If its not where it should be than it is your responsibility to pray for them and reach out to them and show them the love and compassion that God has for them. Tell them how much God loves them, and no matter what they have been through God can and will save their soul.I have been so restless not knowing where my Grandfather is,it is such A miserable feeling.I am so thankful for the God that I serve. I am so thankful that when I went to church this morning and went down to the alter that I felt the presence of God like I did. I felt so comforted like God had his arms wrapped around me and was there for me. I am so Thankful for that. I hope everyone has A great week!!!! XOXO Always

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