Monday, February 2, 2009


All last week I was trying to win tickets for Nick and I to go to the super bowl... I know I am A dork. I have never really done the radio contest thing. Last week though I called everyday hoping God was on my side and maybe wanted us to go to the super bowl. Funny Huh, Then I got to thinking... I have never won anything.... So tonight on my way home from work it was free music Monday and I said hey what the heck let me try. So I called and I WON!!! WOOOHOOO Of course I sounded like A big dork because I never win anything so I was super excited. I won the new Dierks Bently's CD "Feel That Fire" that comes out tomorrow. I love Dierks Bently so I was happy about that. Anyways Mondays are always crappy days so it was A GREAT end to A crappy Monday... XOXO Always

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Suzer said...

Good for you! Hope you feel better soon.

Love & hugs,

Mom Mom