Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chitter Chatter

The past couple days I have had A terrible cold. Funny though usually I am so busy taking care of Nick. Making sure he is doing all his meds,Eating lots and lots of food and feeling well. I have to admit it was kind of nice to have him take care of me this weekend. A couple weeks ago I had A cold and I thought it went aways.. BUT ITS BACK..GRRRRR. Nick truly is the greatest husband. He made me chicken noodle soup and made me drink lots of Orange juice. I am starting to feel a lot better though. Things have been going well. Nick has not gained any more weight but has maintained and kept on the weight had previously put on. We are still so thrilled about that.We are still thinking and planning some fundraisers for the great strides walk in April. I am meeting with Liza from the Cf foundation to maybe coordinate and get some ideas from her. I truly have A passion for raising money for the CF foundation. I know that it is through them we will find A cure for CF.I believe in my heart we are SO close.So don't forget to hit up that link to the right if the blog. I hope everyone had A great weekend and Have A great week. XOXO Always

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Graciy said...

I'm still not use to reading about other wives that go through the same things I do on a day to day bases. it really is comforting though. I'm so intrested in getting involved with great strides so if you have any advice let me know!