Saturday, January 31, 2009


I just want to start off by saying.... OOOPS! I can believe I have been slacking and have totally been putting off with keeping up the blog. There is SO much going on right now, And since it has been A while since I have posted this will probably be A long one...WOOPS. I just recently started A new job... Still A preschool teacher and I love it. My class size is three times smaller and I am getting paid WAY more so it is A lot easier to enjoy my job.I am still trying to get use to the drive and the traffic. I am now working in riverside which is such A nice atmosphere but such A far drive. I am just happy because Nick and I can really start saving for A house. Nick is doing great he just started A new study on inhaled Cipro which is different.Nick loves doing these studies I think it makes him feel like he is doing his part in finding A cure for CF. He is still gaining weight which we are REALLY excited about and Dr says his lungs sound good. As most of you know people with CF can get A infection at any moment that can take their Life. Yes, We do everything possible to prevent that from happening but sometimes it is the inevitable. With that in mind I always try to make sure that Nick and I make the best memories. I don't want Nick to ever have any regrets about not living his life to the fullest. I want to thank my Mom because she recently bought Nick and I along with herself and my Step Dad tickets to go see Nickelback in Concert. Nick and I are HUGE Nickelback fans. To the average person this is just A concert. For someone like Nick and I moments like this one will be something that we will never forget. I will always be able to look back and have these memories. We got AMAZING seats super close. So both Nick and I are REALLY excited about the concert. It is not until April so we will be biting our nails until then. I am starting school February 10th for my CDA. When I receive my CDA I will then be making more money which is always good. SO for right now things are looking great . I cant ever say enough how thankful I am to have Nick in my life. When I am not with him I am always thinking about him or Bragging on him. He really is A Amazing husband.With that said I hope everyone has A great Valentines Day but I am sure you will here from me before then.... XOXO Always

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