Sunday, January 4, 2009

Made my heart warm

When I started out writing this blog it was my way to write about how I feel as A wife to someone with CF. I wanted to write about the ups and downs of being A CF wife. For me it was A great way for me to vent. As I kept writing more and more I began to get even more responses from my readers.The other day I received this message in my myspace inbox.

"Amanda,I just wanted to introduce myself because I just found your blog through a posting on cysticfibrosis. org and I think you may have just made my year!I have been dating my boyfriend, Danny for the past year ( we had our one year anniversary on Dec 28th) and he has CF. He is 26 years old and actually right now he is in the hospital for a "tune up", but other than that he is doing fairly well. We met at our best friend's wedding in Dallas last December and fell instantly fell in love. The catch was he lived in Kansas City, MO and I live in Houston, TX! So we have been carrying on a long distance relationship this whole time. We spend most of our money on plane tickets these days, but so far it's been working out great. Just reading your blog gave me something to relate to since I don't know many people that have CF or are married to someone that has CF. Danny and I have already talked about getting married and we know that it is in our near future, but it always helps to know that there are other people like us out there dealing with the same issues. Anyways, I could go on and on but for now I just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing!

much love,Claudia "

I was SO happy to receive this message and it effected me in more ways than one. I am always happy to hear about older CF patients because it just gives me so much hope. When Nick and I first got together and I found out about him having CF I too felt ALL ALONE. It really is not A pleasant feeling. So for me to feel like I have helped even one person makes me feel like A very special person. As i read her story I thought it was so adorable and incredible that not only is she dealing with the fun of cf but doing it through A long distance relationship. Anyways I just loved this story and wanted to say A big THANK YOU, To Claudia because YOU made me feel great about what I do. Hope everyone has A great week.... XOXO ALWAYS

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Claudia said...

Thanks, Amanda! That touched my heart and Danny's. I hope the 4 of us can become good friends to help each other through whatever obstacles come our way. God bless you guys!