Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When it rains it pours

Today Nick had A Dr. appointment. I was so thrilled to hear he is doing good. Even though he is doing good he is still going on Iv antibiotics beginning tomorrow. Nicks nurse came out yesterday to access his port, Which give me A reason to give him some extra TLC HAHA. They call this preventative care, They are trying to prevent any infections from occurring. I love this method Nick hates it because this means IVs every 2 to 3 months. Before they use to wait until he was really sick and then put him on IVs and then he would never get back up to where he was before he got sick. Anyways that is where he stands as far as his treatments. Oh yeah Nicks Dr. told him he was muscular.... Thank you Dr. Malanga now that is all I'm hearing is how muscular he is ... Onto another subject when it rains it pours. A couple of weeks out of no where Nicks transmission went out in his truck. If you know Nick you know that his truck is his baby. So that has put him in the worst mood. We thought that was horrible right before Christmas and we have to put out money for his transmission. We got over it.... What can you do right? Today I am riding in my car and out of no where my car begins violently shaking, to me it seemed to be the engine or something I'm there. I am so clueless when it comes to things like that. I thought the engine fell out of my car it was so loud . I get out of my car and there is A HUGE puddle of oil under my car. What ever happened it wasn't good. Nick had to come pick me up and tow my car home. So now Nick and I are careless for the meantime. What can ya do right ? I guess just pray and have faith that it is something minor and that my engine didn't fall out haha....I hope everyone is having A great week. XOXO Always

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