Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be Thankful

Ok so I know I have been slacking as far as writing on my blog. With the Holidays coming up things are starting to get A little bit crazy, Leaving A little less time to write . I am recovering from Thanksgiving which was such A good time this year. Nick and I did the Thanksgiving day Traveling. First we ate at his parents house dinner was so yummy. They fried their turkey which is my favorite because it is so moist. I made pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting from scratch, They were so delicious. We tried not to eat so much that way we would still have room in our bellies for dinner at my parents house. So we headed over that way stopped at the Grandparents house and visited their, Then ended up at my Mom and Dads house. It was so good over their as well. I love being able to go over their and eat dinner with hem because their are so many traditions that we have that I don't get to do or have At my in laws. I guess its not really traditions just things that I am use to seeing or doing on Thanksgiving day like everyone saying one thing we are thankful for, Or my Dad always cutting the Turkey or The passage that we read from the Bible every year. Its just things that I remember from when I was A little kid and so with that in mind that is what I am Thankful for this year. TRADITIONS... It is so nice to have them. They take you back to so many memories from years before . I love it!!! Nick did really well ate tons of food and no stomach aches YAY. Hopefully he put on A couple pounds. They say the average American from October to January puts on and average of 9 pounds . That is so scary. So that is how Thanksgiving went, Now its time to get ready for Christmas.. WOOHOOO Hope everyone had A wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to be Thankful and count your blessings. XOXO Always

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