Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is NOT good

Nick started A new Antibiotic today,Which he has never been on. Nick was growing immunity to the antibiotic he was on. So Nick Dr. decided to switch him onto something else. When you start A new medicine A registered nurse has to be out here with you. Some people have reactions to new medicines so just in case she has to come out. While she was here she took Nicks vitals and to our surprise.... My husband now has high blood pressure. Nick has always had anxiety issues, So we are not sure if it is resulting from that. It probably doesn't help that things are very stressful right now. Nicks Dr. prescribed him something for what I thought was going to be blood pressure meds but instead prescribed him something for depression which is NOT Nick at all and anxiety. Since it is A medicine used for depression Nick doesn't want to take it... What can I do ya know... Just pray and pray and pray some more. It is always something .... I just have to keep in mind two things...
1. EVERYTHING happens for A reason
2. Things could be A LOT worse

Its almost Friday thank God!! I hope everyone is going to have A great weekend... XOXO Always

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Mrs. Bell said...


When it rains it pours.. I cannot stress that enough, but we have a awesome God so my theory is BRING ON THE RAIN BABY.. There is nothing that you cannot make it though with a smile on your face. God will never give you anything you cannot handle. Just pray for Nick but dont push things with him, because guys like to think they decided what they were going to do.. I am def. praying for you at this time.. Lets get together soon.. Ok.. and catch up.. Spend some time in the word.. I feel drawn to you for some reason.. I think we good be good support for one another.. =)
Miss ya!! -B