Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is almost here

Nick gets tired of taking pictures
Brittney and I Christmas shopping

WOOHOOO Only 10 more days until Christmas. Things have been so crazy lately with Nick on IVS,The whole blood pressure episode,Our vehicles and OH YEAH CHRISTMAS. Nick has now been on antibiotics for two weeks now ,Usually around that time he gets to come off of IVS. Not this time... Nicks Dr called last week and told us that he has grown immunity to one of his meds so they are going to switch him and put him on something else. Well the insurance didn't approve it for another week. I don't understand insurance companies sometimes they said "We have to get it approved from the Dr. that it is medically necessary for him to be on the meds" What the heck do they think the Dr. just prescribes it for the heck of it. Anyways so now he has to stay on them for another week since he started that medicine A little late. Then Nick tells me he is not taking the medicine for his blood pressure issue. Which I can so understand as if he is not on enough meds to have to take another one really stinks. I think he was just stressed out that day and so with that in mind I am not going to beg him to take it. I am just going to make sure he talks to his Dr. about it at the next visit and have them monitor it to make sure it really is A problem. I sometimes feel as though Dr.s are so quick to write A script. I know they have a degree and all but to be put on bp meds wouldn't that mean you always have bp issues. I don't know I might be wrong but that's just A question I have. Anyways Christmas is getting closer. We are REALLY bummed about not being able to see my Mom and Step Dad for Christmas. Thank God we have family and friends here who we love and care for us in return. So that's that. We have our Christmas party for the kids at work tomorrow... SANTA IS COMING ... Lots of fun. XOXO ALWAYS

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