Monday, December 8, 2008


OK, So I am on A mission to help Nick gain some weight. If you know Nick you know he is A skinny guy. Having cf Nicks body does not have the enzymes he needs to help him keep on his weight. So every time he eats he has to take 3-4 pills that gives him those enzymes that our body naturally produces. Even then he only maintains his weight. Nicks nutritionist informed us that Nick should be daily consuming 4500 calories or more. Believe it or not that is very hard. So I am asking everyone for their HIGH CALORIE RECIPES. If you have them please e-mail them to me or message them to me on myspace. Hopefully we can fatten him up some. my e-mail is

Thanks A bunch XOXO Always

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Beth said...

Put bacon on EVERYTHING! My boyfriend over break, (3 weeks) made me bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast quite frequently, and seemed to put bacon on everything, sandwiches, toast, crackers, lol everything. I gained 6 lbs... in three weeks! Oh, I forgot to mention I too have CF. =) wishing you both the best.