Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Helping CF stand for CURE FOUND

As most of you know CF is something that I am very passionate about. Every year they do A walk called GREAT STRIDES. It is A benefit to help raise money for the CF foundation. This year we will be walking again for Nick of course. Last year I didn't get to raise a lot of money because Nick was in the hospital right before the walk and I just didn't have enough time. This year I have HUGE fundraising goals for our team. As A team I would like to raise at least 1,500 dollars. 90 cents of every dollar goes towards CF related research and helping to find A cure. So if you could please take the time to go visit our GREAT STRIDES website and possibly donate that would mean the world to both Nick and I . No amount is to little. Please help us make CF stand for CURE FOUND. Thanks to everyone who is apart of our AMAZING support group. I know Nick is A shy guy and doesn't say much but it really does mean the world to him to know that all these people are fighting for him. Thanks again XOXO ALWAYS


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