Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Frustrated.....

I was so excited to vote this year. This year to me was the most important year of ALL to vote. So I went and registered and weeks later I am still wondering why I haven't received my voters card in the mail... Not that you need that to vote but I wanted it.Yesterday I received A letter in the mail stating that my voters registration hasn't been submitted yet due to A non complete registration card..I'm so sad now stupid me was in such A hurry I forgot to check the box asking If I had been adjudicated mentally handicap. WOOPS. So I am so sad to say that I will not get to vote. Here we are hours away from finding out what our future holds. It is so scary to me. Anyways I hope everyone else went out there and voted because this is defiantly the year to do it. If ya don't vote ya cant complain HAHA. Hope everyone is having A great week. Oh yeah 8 More days until Our one year Anniversary. XOXO

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