Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Nick and I just got back from his Dr. Appointment. Nick is ready for another tune up. For those who don't know Nick usually goes into the hospital or gets home IVs every 3-4 months so that he doesn't get sick. Well usually Nick gets A pic line which is A iv through his arm that will stay there for about two weeks while he does his meds. Well Nick got tired of constantly being stuck in his arm A million times so he decided to get A port.... I don't know a lot about ports right now but I do know it is A small device they surgically place in his chest area and he will have it there permanently. So instead of having to get A pic line which he hates from now on they will just be able to hook up to the port and administer meds that way.... He seems to really want this and I don't blame him but I am so nervous about him having surgery to get it put in I think he is too. From what I understand it is minor surgery though. Nick is doing good though maintaining his weight and seems to be feeling good. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I will let you know how the procedure goes... XOXO

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