Friday, September 5, 2008

CF Bracelets

A while back I was looking online for some type of support group for cystic fibrosis. I came across cystic fibrosis. com. Since then I have met so many new people who are going through the same thing as my husband and I. It is so nice to have someone to talk to and knows how you feel cause they too have been through it. Not a lot of people know about cystic fibrosis So I have kind of had this burning in my heart to spread the word and make people aware. I found this lady on the cf website who was selling cf bracelets....You know the little rubber ones that most people wear for breast cancer. Well not only was she selling them but she was right here in Jacksonville as well... So this past Saturday I went and met her and purchased A bunch of them for Nick and I and some of our family. I WAS SO EXCITED... I know I am crazy. I was just so excited to wear my bracelet and have someone ask me what it was for. So I had my first person ask me today and I was so happy to make them aware of what CF is. Anyways I know to the average person your probably thinking WHOOPEE .. But to me being aware of what cf is should be important to anyone because you never know when it is going to touch your life. So make your self aware and check out the link I have about Cystic Fibrosis... Hope everyone is having A great week. Nick and I will begin packing tomorrow for our move... WOOOHOOO Cant wait... Just kidding... Anyways Love to all xoxo

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erinquinby said...

Amanda, I've been reading your blogs. They are really sweet and wonderful. You can tell that you honesstly have a desire to learn more about the cause and effect of CF.

My comment is.....there is no information explaining to your readers what CF is, and how it effects the immune, pulmonary, reproductive and GI systems. If I wasn't educated on the condition, I would have no knowledge of what CF was or how it affects Nick on a daily basis. You should post some factual information so people can know first hand what a debilitating disease Nick has to live with everyday....Just a thought

Love You XoXo