Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today Nick is having his surgery to have the port put in. His surgery is scheduled for 11:20 hopefully they are running on time. I am so excited for Nick to have this port just because I know how much he truly hates picc lines. He hates them so much that he will push off his hospital visits and cancel his Dr. Appointments just so he doesn't have to go get A picc line. LOL I swear being stubborn is apart of having CF. So we talked to the DR. last night and he said it is A minor surgery if everything goes well Nick could go home today. WOOOHOOO I said cause being in the hospital is no for for Nick or I.He did also say that it is possible while in surgery Nicks lungs could collapse.I really wish he didn't say that. Nicks eyes got really big.. In that case Nick would have to stay A couple more days and let them repair the lung. But that is just A possibility. I am so grateful for the people who have called and messaged me it truly means the world to both Nick and I . So keep us in your prayers as always I will keep ya posted after surgery . Thank you all so much ... XOXO Amanda

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