Monday, May 9, 2011

30 before thirty

  1. Go sky diving
  2. Sew A blanket
  3. Start A small buisness
  4. Host an AMAZING girls night in
  5. Go to the top of Mt.Solidad with Nick
  6. Get A little certain something removed from my face
  7. Go on A cruise
  8. Adopt A child
  9. Do 20 random acts of kindness
  10. Take A cooking class with Nick
  11. Stay at A bed and breakfast
  12. Go to the keys with Nick
  13. Go deep sea fishing (And actually catch something)
  14. Take a sewing class
  15. Go skinny dipping
  16. Be apart of A flash mob
  17. Milk A cow
  18. Take A picture of myself everyday for a year, Then put it in video
  19. Make 10 people cry tears of joy
  20. Swim with the dolphins
  21. Send flowers to 5 people on A random day
  22. Mail 8 hand written letters
  23. Complete A half marathon
  24. Pay off some debt
  25. Make and pass out goodie bags to the homeless
  26. Go vegan for A month
  27. Send A care package to the men and woman who serve our country
  28. Learn to play the guitar
  29. Go to the superbowl with Nick
  30. Be an extra on A tv show or movie

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