Monday, March 28, 2011

Chicken Box

Hey yall, I know it has been forever and A year since I blogged. Seems like there is never enough time in one day to get everything done.

This is kind of random but Nick and I have had a pretty rough couple of months. Recently we lost A close family friend who was nothing short of an amazing person.Someone who fought for our country and then went on to be A police officer,Someones husband and A great friend to many. Just this week our town has lost two young people,One of which Nick and I  graduated with all in the BLINK OF AN EYE

With that being said...Live your life with a purpose and make sure the ones you love know you love them. There is no greater feeling in the world than to know you are loved and cared for. 

Today Nick had A Dr. appointment and it went really well. His weight was up but his numbers were down just a tiny bit,Nothing to be worried about. It was weird because Nicks lung function was the same exact number that it was this year at this time.Nick has been back in the gym and has so much more energy and feels a lot better. I am so jealous yall, Nick has 0% body fat so when he works out his gets extremely tone right away. I have to work months to get that kind of definition maybe it would help if I actually went. 
After his Dr. appointment we headed over to the Jacksonville Landing for lunch at Koja Sushi. We loved it, The atmosphere is beautiful right on the river as well as great food. I think people in Jacksonville forget how awesome the landing is,They have A awesome selection of restaurants and its right on the river.
 On another note they seriously need to consider A new parking situation. After looking for A empty parking space we realize we need change for the meters, Not only change but only quarters. After harassing every passerby for change for A dollar. We put the money in to find out you are only allotted a hour at A time then have to come back and put more money in for more time. Nick and I walked straight to the landing,Ate lunch and came right back and had A few minutes left. No looking around at the shops or anything just an hour....Not cool!!!

Have A great week everyone,And be sure to tell your loved ones you love them....Even if they already know....Love you all

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