Saturday, January 22, 2011

Transplant Update

As most of you know last October Nick got pretty sick and then in August was evaluated for A double lung transplant. Thankfully from October to August Nick kicked butt and got his self where he needed to be and was not eligible to go on the list. However they wanted Nick to come back every six months to be re evaluated and see where he is at as far as being listed. Six months has come fast yall,Nicks appointment is the first week of February.

I wish that I could say we are as confident as we were walking into that Dr. office last October. However I cannot....Nick is by no means sick right now but...He is by no means where he was last October. I am usually very optimistic about all of Nicks appointments because he is so amazing and always seems to pull something out of no where and do great. I pray every day that its not time for Nick to be listed,I am being SO selfish but I am just not ready yet. I am not ready I am not ready I am just not ready yet and I don't know if he is either. How ever I do know that NO MATTER WHAT I am by his side and I will do WHATEVER it takes to get him where he needs to be.

It has been so hard with us buying the new house for him to get back into what made him SO STRONG last October. THE GYM!!! With that being said Monday starts A new week and back to the gym NO EXCUSES like my Grandmother and Nike say "Just do it". For us normal people its just A saying with A little meaning behind it if you allow how ever for my husband it is do or die.....

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