Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy As A Bee

Nick and I have been A bunch of busy little bees yall ....With Nicks transplant appointment coming up on Wednesday he has been busy trying to make sure he is in tip top shape.We are also hosting A Superbowl/housewarming party this weekend.With everyone coming over we have been trying to nip A couple little projects in the butt. We also sold our AMAZING sectional that I will miss ohhhhhh so much but the white HAD TO GO.Today we had our new ones delivered and they are so comfortable.Anyways here are A couple of the projects we have been trying to get done.

This bench I found on the side of the road and was SO nasty but I saw some potential in it.
This is it now...Almost done
I got this chair from my friend Joell and LOVE it
However it did need A makeover and let me tell you,
This chair was NOOOOTT easy to re do...I am still working on it
I still have to cover the bottom,The fabric is just laid on there and the arm rest.

We have also been working on A fireplace but I am going to post on that when we are done.I hope everyone had A great weekend.

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