Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You like my Facebook.....

Saturday night Nick and I had A Halloween party to go to,I absolutely love dressing up...Nick not so much. I am always pretty set on making our Halloween costumes, It is so much more fun that way. We have been trying to come up with something for weeks and FINALLY I found it. I thought it was too funny especially since I have A slight addiction to Facebook.
I was Facebook and Nick was A like button
We had a lot of fun and got A lot of compliments on our costumes. Unfortunately Nick forgot to take his enzymes with breakfast so pretty early in the night he got A really bad stomach ache. I absolutely hate it when he gets these because obviously they are REALLY painful,Sometimes it scares me.Thankfully he woke up this morning and felt a lot better.
Our gang who attended the party
Nicks two sister's and our nephew
Cute idea but not so much fun to wear
Trace and Uncle Nick looking at the big kitty
Nicks Gram playing with baby Trace

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