Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just A little update on our house situation...The sellers accepted our offer and we couldn't be any more excited to be getting such A great deal on this cute house. Now all we are waiting for is our home loan application to go through. We had to get A ton of paperwork put together and it was quite A task. Since Nick draws disability we had to dig up his reward letter and all kinds of other stuff. I am kinda nervous because Nicks money just recently got messed up and now they are taking out a hundred and something dollars from what he was getting every month. Not only that but since getting promoted to CSM at work, They have cut my hours quite A bit. So it just makes me so nervous but I know that we have lots of people praying for us. I am A firm believer in the saying "Everything happens for A reason" But I'm not gonna lie and say that I wont be disappointed if something falls through. So PLEASE continue to pray for Nick and I and that everything goes through!!! Thanks so much....

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