Monday, September 6, 2010

Dinner and A movie

Today has been so nice,I had the day off and tomorrow too.Today I spent most of the day doing laundry and trying new things with my blog. Then Nick and I met with some friends of ours and are kinda excited about some opportunities that our in our future.
This past Saturday Nick and I went to see my little sister Mackenzie for her birthday!!! I cannot believe that my little sister is 13!!! When she was born I got the experience of being in the delivery room when she was born,It seems like it was just yesterday.She is so very special to me and is so special to me and I cant wait to see what her future holds for her. She is absolutely gorgeous and has so much potential,The sky is the limit for you Kenzie...
Mackenzie laughing at the book Nick and I wrote her
She is taller than me...
After Nick and I went and saw Kenzie we headed out to river city.Nick decided to take me out for A "Date Night" I was kinda surprised. Between work,Dr appointments,The gym and every day life you kinda forget to take the time to enjoy each other. So Nick and I went to dinner and A movie,It has been so long since we went to A movie. We went and saw the switch,It was A really cute movie and we really enjoyed it.

Nick and I at the movies with our 5 dollar soda..Unreal
Then Nick and I went to cracker barrel and had the most amazing dinner.Nick and I both said we were going to try something new.When we go out to eat we always get the same thing ,We were so glad we did.But that's Another blog!! On our way out of the movies I saw A very tall gentleman and A lady walking towards us. I was thinking "This guy looks so familiar"then it hit me....That is Mercedes Lewis he is the tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
So that was kinda cool and made Nick really smile.
So DATE NIGHT WAS AWESOME!!! Nick and I felt like we were in high school again and had so much fun.We both decided date night was going to happen more often.
For those who live in the Jacksonville area do you have any ideas for A date night?

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