Saturday, September 4, 2010


My bloggy friend Carrie over at Mizell Mayhem had A cute Always,Sometimes,Never list...I loved the idea

Wear mascara....Unless I am deathly sick
Kiss Nick goodnight
Have A sweet tooth
Think about what my brother and sister will be when they grow up
Smile when I see "Old Couples" knowing that will be Nick and I one day
Wash my hands
Spend too much money on makeup and hair products
Use my horn way too much
Cut the skin off of the cucumber
Stop to pick up someones garbage/treasure to revamp
Get A tummy ache when I'm nervous/stressed
Am scared of the dark
Love A great day at the beach
Wonder WHAT IF?

Completely restore my Ipod and organize it again
Have A OCD moment and don't want Nick to touch anything,Scared he might catch something
Wish I was on A reality TV show and was whisped away to somewhere amazing
Think I should really think before I speak...But only sometimes
Wish I could go back in time
Wear my heart on my sleeve
Forget to wash my face at night
Go into ocd mode when planning A event....But it always turns out perfect
Wonder when there will be A cure for CF
Wonder why cant I just get preggo like every other woman in America
Eat ice cream for breakfast
Ride with the windows down and the radio up REALLY loud
Wish I was more on top of things

Will give up on finding A cure for CF until there is A CURE...NO MATTER WHAT
Will forget certain somethings....
Forget how I felt on my wedding day,Gorgeous,Loved,In Love,Happy,Blessed
Go the speed limit
Eat spinach
Go somewhere without telling Nick I love him or goodbye
Want to feel the feeling of loosing someone I love
Want to be in debt again
Regret some of the decisions I have made
Miss A episode of Real Housewives
Go anywhere without my camera
Charge my cell phone at night

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