Friday, September 3, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

A couple of weeks ago Nicks sweet nurse Brandy gave Nick and I tickets to the Jags VS Falcons game. We got there early to enjoy all the pre game festivities and just take it all in. The Marines had A booth set up with different things like shirt,water bottles and frisbees that you could win. Nick wanted one of the shirts and asked what he had to do to get it. The gentleman told him he would have to do 20 pull ups,They had A bar set up for it. Nick said I think I can do it and so he did....The guy was pretty impressed but even more impressed when I told him that Nicks lung function was in the 30s...Oh the things we take for granted!
Then we headed to our seats,Which were amazing!!! We were in the first row and there was no one in front of us or behind us we loved it.Before the game we got to watch the local sports broadcasters getting ready,putting on makeup and yes even picking there nose....Weird. Then we saw Mercedes Lewis and he was nice enough to take A picture with us.
And I enjoyed the view...
The game was great and it was good to see A win from the Jaguars.Nick and I are looking forward to A good season fingers crossed...Enjoy the rest of the pics...

Nick and I before the game
Nick with one of the Jag cheerleaders
Nick had the camera...
Getting everyone all pumped up
Nick with his brother and friend
Jackson deville
The D-Line after the game,They are AWESOME!

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