Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A litttle R and R

I had the day off yesterday so Nick and I decided to take my little brother and sister to the beach. I REALLY needed to spend some time with Cameron and Mackenzie and relax A little. Nick and I have been so worried about trying to pay some bills off so that we can get into A house that it is literally driving me crazy. Cameron and Mackenzie have been in California for what seems like forever visiting my grandparents. We all loaded up including my brothers cute puppy Marlee,And headed to the beach. It was so nice but I missed something... I usually LOVE swimming in the water past the part where the waves break so I can enjoy it. I just couldn't seem to do that this time since we just had 2 shark bites in Jacksonville and SHARK WEEK just got over. I was freaking out thinking my arm was going to get shredded my A great white or something. WE stayed for A good two hours and then Nick decided he wanted to go to the mall. The kids of course want to go, I on the other hand have only A bathing suit and A black cover up dress. The answer was no...My well prepared husband of course brought A change of clothes so he didn't care. After lots of begging from the kids AND NICK we decided to go to the mall. They convinced me that there were tons of people at the mall who would look much more ridiculous than I in my bathing suit and cover up...They were right. We got the kids A couple things for school coming up and I just enjoyed being around them.They are changing SO much kinda good kinda bad. I am so thankful to have someone like Nick who is so caring and loving not only to me but to Cameron and Mackenzie. It really means so much to me, I nor they could have asked for A better Brother in Law for them.Nick has been doing good, Still No IVs, I really think we are going to make it A year. It just shows by him doing all of his meds and being completely compliant with working out and everything what A difference it can make in A cfers life.We have been super super busy putting things together for the bowling for breath. Nick and I are SO excited to see how everything turns out. I hope everyone has A great week.

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