Monday, June 21, 2010

Its been A while

Ok I know no excuses, I have neglected my blog here lately.I have lots to catch up on so here goes....
Nick has recently started taking Cayston and he absolutely loves it. I as well as he can tell A huge difference
so we are really excited about that. The only thing about the cayston is that he has to take it 3 times a day,But its worth it. After fighting with the insurance company for what seems like forever he also got the hypertonic saline approved and is back on that now which is amazing and really helps him a lot.

Last week I had A much needed girls day, It was SO nice and A perfect day at the beach. We were there for about A hour and the lifeguards ran everyone out of the water thanks to the sharks making A appearance, I was freaking out.It was nice though to spend the day with my little sister and catch up with my bestie.

This past Saturday was my birthday and we celebrated by heading out for the night. We went to somewhere called harmonious monks, It was tons of fun.It is A restaurant and all the wait staff get up and sing and they give everyone tambourines... It was just a really good time.
Nick and I leave Thursday for Vacation and Sunny shores sea camp.I am so excited to meet all the new family's and spend time catching up with everyone from last year. This place is simply amazing and i wish that every CF family would have the chance to go... So I am off until we get back from vacation. Yall have A great weekend... Cant wait to blog about camp... XOXO

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Rhonda Burkhalter said...

What is Sunny Shores Sea Camp?