Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it Friday yet???

Hey yall,How was every ones weekend? The weather was beautiful,Finally A little bit of warm.
Nick and I went out to lunch on Friday with our great friends Brad and Brittney and there new baby Chase.Brittney and I LOVE Mexican food so there is A great little Mexican place in Macclenny that we ate at.They had baby Chase with them and I was trying to find every excuse to wake him up. I just love holding the little guy he is so darn handsome.It was so pretty out on Saturday, So Nick and I decided to go to the Flea Market. This is my FAVORITE place to find junk to "REDO",Nick thinks I am crazy when I get excited about something old and rusty.
While we were there I stumbled upon A cute booth selling MAC makeup,If you know me you know I LOVE makeup. I spend way too much money on beauty products and all kinds of makeup.So when I found this Boothe at the flea market I was well...Just A little bit happy. I just recently paid 20 bucks for A pigment from Mac. I was even more surprised to find out that this lady was selling the same pigments for only 6 bucks or 2 for 10.She also has the Mac liquid eyeliner,The Hello Kitty eye shadow pallets and the 24 mac brush set in A the Mac leather case for only 40 bucks. Needless to say I will be A frequent customer.Ladies go check out her booth,She is at the Ramona Flea market right next to the Snack Bar.
This weekend Nick and I also got A call that we have been kind of dreading but also looking forward too. Since Nicks hospital stay in October and his lung function dropping we have constantly been thinking about where we stand as far as his lung transplant goes. At Nicks last Dr. appointment his lung function was low again and quickly reminded his nurse about submitting the transplant application. So this weekend we got the call that UF and Shanda got Nicks transplant application and will be evaluating it and contacting us soon. So from here Nick and the family will start the 3-4 month evaluation process for his double lung transplant. Once we get through the evaluation the team will decided weather or not Nick is A good candidate. Some of the things they consider when they look at are Nicks will to live,His support system,and of course his health. If he is A good candidate Nick will then decided if he wants to Active or Inactive on the transplant list.If Nick decides to be active it can be anywhere from two weeks to who knows when before they get lungs for Nick. I don't think Nick is ready to be active, he is working hard to get his numbers up and is determined to prolong the transplant as long as he can. It is such A bitter sweet thing for us,So please keep Nick and I in your prayers while we go through this crazy process.
I hope everyone has A GREAT week and remember it is what you make it...SMILE

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Carrie said...

Amanda, you don't know how much reading your blog blesses my heart. You have such an upbeat attitude despite all that you and your husband are going through. I'm praying for y'all!

I also have to say that I'm jealous you found MAC makeup at the flea market. What a huge steal!! Also, please tell me where this good mexican place is. I LOVE mexican.