Friday, January 1, 2010

Fabulous Finds

I am so completely guilty, I am addicted to makeup!!!! Knowing this my smart husband purchased A gift card to Sephora for me as A Christmas present.You better believe I couldn't wait to get in there and find some new makeup. I have been on the search for A good foundation lately. It seems that every time I buy foundation it just never gives me the coverage I want and never seems to stay on through out my crazy day. When I went to Sephora I told the consultant about my dilemma. She being the wonderful sales lady that she was,showed be this new product. I INSTANTLY fell in love, I'm such A sucker. It was A primer called primed and pore less by Too Faced. You can find it here ,Just search primed and pore less. It is a little pricey but you get what you pay for. I am going to check out Rimmel primer which you can get at Walmart or Target and see if its sizes up for waaayyy cheaper and I will let ya know.Anyways, you put it on before your foundation and it hides all your pores and in perfections. I actually put on the primer and then A loose powder bronzer and didn't really need the foundation that I splurged on while at Sephora. After all that is what I went there for was A good foundation right? So I purchased Sephora brand of foundation in D 30 and love it. It is really light and goes along way I don't need a lot. If you like makeup and have issues with your pores or your makeup not lasting throughout the day I HIGHLY suggest purchasing A primer. I LOOVE It. Hope everyone is having A great week and enjoys my fabulous finds... XOXO Always Amanda

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