Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Counting the days

Nick and I headed to the gym.... I just got the call from Nicks sister that we will have A nephew by Monday!!!! I am so overwhelmed with excitement. Courtney is due on the 21st and still is only dilated 1 cm. So the doctors were concerned that because the baby is pretty big they don't want to leave him in there much longer. So Courtney will be admitted Sunday night and they will thin her cervix. Then Monday morning they will begin inducing her. I am just so excited, Trace is the first Nephew for us and Grand baby in the family so I have A feeling he is going to be extremely spoiled...Not that this is A bad thing, Right? On another note, A couple of weeks ago Nick went and had A P.E.T scan done. It is something new they are doing with CF patients to see if there is any active infection in their lungs. Well...The results came in and it was nothing serious the Dr. just decided that he wanted to put Nick on IVs soon, Which is OK because it is that time anyways. I am REALLY excited to see what Nicks numbers are like. The last time he was at the doctor his lung function was 31% which had improved from 21% back in October. Since he has been working out and doing everything he can to take care of himself I am super excited to see what his numbers are. Keep yours fingers crossed. I hope everyone is having A great week....

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