Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby its cold outside

I had to be to work this morning at 8 O' clock... Bright and early....I walked outside and literally almost fell over,Um yes I almost slipped on the steps due to the ice. So I guess I should watch the wheather more often huh? It was 22 degrees outside,HELLLLOOO I live in Florida What is wrong with this picture.It definitely took A trip back into the house for my "winter" coat to warm up A little. After a lovely day at work I get home and was greeted by my baby.... No not Nick
Jag,He thought it was cold too...I know I might be A slight bit partial, But I'm pretty sure hes the cutest dog ever. OK Not ever but in my eyes...After I got out of the shower I walk into our room and this is what I found... Yep he was blogging,I think he likes the bubble screen saver... or maybe Amanda's blog @ life with the ledfords go check it

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