Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So we got the call early this morning that Nicks room was ready.We got here at about 8:00 and tried to get settled in. Of course there is A army of people coming to see Nick,I swear he is famous at this hospital they love him.Nick did his pfts today and they were even lower than at the Dr. Monday. His FEV1 was down to 21, VERY SCARY. I know Nick can get it back to what it was and even better. I think after seeing his number that low he is pretty determined to get rest gain weight and feel MUCH better so he can get those numbers up. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and thoughts, It means so much to Nick and I. I know some of you were asking about Nicks room number for Cards,Calls and bringing food by. Here it is and Thanks Again.

Room Number 512

Call this number- (904) 308-7300 and ask for Nicholas Brown or room 512

To send cards just call the number above and they can help you there.

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