Friday, July 10, 2009


Roberto,Brent. Cassie and Ed
While Nick and I were at camp we met Brent who is 19 and has cf.His family were the sweetest and we had A really great time with them. I was just informed that Brent received A blood transfusion today. After having so Bowel problems he lost a lot of blood and began passing out. After going to his Dr. They sent him straight to the Er where his hemoglobin level was EXTREMELY low and that is when they decided he needed A blood transfusion. Its not until tomorrow that they will perform A endoscopy to find out where he is internally bleeding.For right now Brent remains in the ICU. They believe it is either A ulcer or A allergic reaction to the Zosyn he has been taking.Please keep Brent along with his family in your prayers. After speaking with his Mom I realized how much it hurts to have to see your son in that kind of pain and fear. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

wow if u speak to his mom again please tell her i'm praying for him!!!!! He and i really bonded at camp this year, we found out we have the same doctors and never even knew it! I really hope he gets better soon he is an awesome dude!

Thanks amanda!

<3 tori <3