Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Times

My two faviorite ladysChelsea and I Relaxing at the landingThe whole gang at the Budweiser factorySandy,Mike and Brandon Group picture Brandon and I The other night I was invited to go to A CF meeting at Nemours.Nemours is where Nick use to go before he converted over into the adult CF center. There was A Dr. from New Jersey who was talking to everyone about quality care and new things in the CF world.It was really nice to get to go I got to see Nicks old Dr's and some of his respiratory therapist. Not only did I get to go to the meeting but some of my new friends from camp were there. So we decided after to head out to the landing to catch up.It was A quick reminder of why us women need A lady's night out. This weekend some long time family friends of ours came in town.For some reason we always take everyone to the Budweiser brewery. Its really neat and interesting and they offer free tours and tasting.Its something everyone seems to enjoy!!! I got some new from Brents Mom about his condition. The Dr's went in and found out that Brent had two ulcers, One that was bleeding and one that was not. They went in and clamped and glued off the one that was bleeding in hopes it will remain that way otherwise surgery is next.The Dr's believe that the ulcers are from all the ibuprofen Brent has been taking due to headaches from the zosyn.So please continue to keep this family in your prayers. Thanks and I hope everyone has A good week... XOXO ALWAYS

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