Sunday, May 10, 2009


My Sister in law Meagen and I riding the golf cartMy future Brother in law Chuck,Off roading
Nick and I My Dad and all his children on his birthday

Happy Mothers Day
Our team Walking for Nick
The whole team,Well there are some missing.. Slackers
I cannot believe it is already Sunday. The weekends go by entirely to quick with not enough rest. I was so sad because Saturdays are usually my days to sleep and and also spend with Nick. Unfortunately I had class Saturday morning so... None of that was accomplished. During the week I am so busy with work,school and homework. I sometimes feel like I don't always get to spend the time I would like to with Nick. Last night A friend of ours had A birthday party and that was a lot of fun. It is definatly getting closer to summertime, I couldn't believe how dang hot it was outside last night. Nick I think was feeling A little wore down today so we slept in this morning. It drives me crazy because Nick never stops, He is constantly doing something . He is so passionate about everything he does,unfortunately it wears his little body out.I literally have to make Nick take the time for himself and just have A chill day in bed with some movies or in his case basketball right now LOL. Today is not only Mothers day but my Dads birthday!!!! So Nick and I went over to my parents house to visit with them. It was nice I got to teach my little sister how to make A milky way cake and I must say it was SO yummy.My little sister amazes me at how much she is growing... She is 11 years old and as tall as I am. She is so amazingly beautiful to me. She has the best personality ever which I think of course she gets from me LOL..On another note, Nick and I will be doing another Great Strides walk next Saturday with more friends and family. I am also excited to meet Hope and Bub who are parents to Braden who is 8 months and has CF.If you would like to donate to our Great Strides walk please click on the widget to the right of the blog. Above are some pics from today along with the Great Strides walk we did last Saturday.Hope everyone has A blessed week. XOXO Always

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Mom Mom said...

Hi honey,
Sure enjoyed all the great pictures. Looks like you guys had a great day today. I love the shots of the CF walk. You all look great.
I especially love the close-up shots of you with those fabulous glasses, you are just so glamorous!!!!
Love you and have a terrific week.
Mom Mom